When Is The Right Time To Make Your Move?

CastleYou are comfortable in that pretty little house you bought during the sluggish market of the last few years.  You think that one day you would like to move up to an impressive castle, but why hurry?  You have some equity and it will only increase right?  Well maybe not enough.

Should You Wait For Your Home To Appreciate More?

Probably not.  As your house rises in value the one you are interested in moving up to will be increasing and probably at a more rapid pace.  Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman says, “If you’re selling one house just to move up to another, it does you no good to wait for prices to rise – the price of the move-up home will increase faster than the price of the place you’re leaving behind.”

What About Mortgage Rates?

The Mortgage Bankers Association believes mortgage rates will reach 4.4% in the next 12 months and the 20 year average could be as high as 6.5%. So even if you do wait and your house appreciates in value, it may cost you more money to borrow the same amount as you need to borrow now and you won’t be able to afford that big impressive house you were hoping for!

What About Inventory Of Homes In Naples Florida?

The inventory in Naples is much lower than it was a couple of years ago but there are still plenty of homes available at excellent prices.  Our prices have stabilized and we have even seen some price increases over the last few months but many excellent deals are still available.  I am urging my customers to get into the market as quickly as they can and pick up some of the amazing bargains while they are still here.  It doesn’t have to be your dream home, but if you are in our market, you can ride the price up for a few years and then trade in for that dream home you have always wanted.

Now Is The Time!

Start your property search here and then contact me to help narrow down your choices and decide where in our beautiful area you should concentrate your search.  We still have lots of excellent properties available for sale but prices may rise soon!

Remember, it is always Toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples Florida sunshine!

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