Updating the Kids’ Rooms on a Budget

Whether it’s food, fashion, or especially their rooms, children’s likes, dislikes and tastes are ever changing. “Themed” bedrooms are constantly being outgrown, yet most parents want their kids to have an environment they’ll enjoy spending time in for play, homework, and sleep. No need to break the bank—it’s possible to decorate and equip a child’s room using more imagination than money. Here are some ideas on how to pull it off.

  • Paint is your friend. Nothing transforms a room like a new coat of paint, especially if you go with a bright or trendy color selected by your child. If your child is old enough, get him or her involved in painting the walls or trim, and be sure to keep some extra paint on hand for sure-to-be-needed touchups. Changing the color again in a couple of years is not difficult or time consuming; watch the home stores for paint sales and make your move. Add to the color scheme with inexpensive throw pillows, rugs, and other decorative touches.kidsroom1
  • Think twice before creating an entire room based on a very specific theme, such as a popular movie character, dinosaurs or space travel. Kids often lose interest quickly and shift their attention to the next thing that captures their imaginations. Instead, consider using just a few relatively inexpensive elements to recognize these interests – posters and collages are just a couple of ways to include a theme without going overboard. Garage sales can also be a good source of well-priced themed items that were previously loved by another child.
  • For larger items such as dressers, bed frames and other furniture, see if your community has a website that lists items for sale or trade. A quick coat of paint and minor repairs may be all that’s needed to transform an inexpensive (or free) piece into a real find. This ultimate form of recycling is also a great way to find new life for unwanted items from your own home.
  • Shelves and bookcases make great places for children of any age to create ever-changing displays that reflect their interests – from artwork and action figures to favorite books, or gear from their sports teams of the moment. The flexibility of these spaces will be appreciated by small children to teenagers for years to come.

With some creativity and resourcefulness, you and your children can create personal spaces that they’ll love, and that can be changed and updated without spending a fortune.

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