Tragedy At The Boston Marathon

runner-hiI felt it was important today to acknowledge the terrible bombings yesterday at the Boston Marathon.  I wanted to let my customers and friends in the Boston area know that I am thinking about them and hope that their loved ones are safe.  To all my friends and customers in the United States and Canada I hope your loved ones are safe and were not affected by this senseless tragedy.

The Bombings Hit Very Close To Home For A Few Reasons

My sister has run the Boston Marathon twice in the past and had she been running it this time, she would just have crossed the finish line at the 4 hour 10 minute mark and could have been anywhere in that crowd close to the scene.  As I understand from the news media the cell phone service was shut down so families could not even get in touch with their loved ones at the finish.  I don’t know what I would have done if I was unable to reach her to make sure she was alright.

Also, the timing of the bomb at 4 hours 10 minutes in the marathon.  If the people who did this had any knowledge of marathons they would know that the average runners would be crossing the finish line at that time.  These are people who, first of all had to qualify to run the Boston Marathon by running a marathon before in a good time, then they are at the end of 26.2 miles and exhausted and exhilarated and are attacked.  Some people were within a quarter mile of the finish line and were turned back.

As a beginning runner with dreams of completing at least a half marathon in my career, I understand the importance of working and challenging yourself toward a personal goal.  How senseless that these people who have trained and sacrificed to work toward a goal of a lifetime are not allowed to achieve it because of some people who enjoy bringing destruction and chaos into our world.

I heard from my running group post on Facebook that the runners from Naples who ran the marathon were accounted for and were fine.  I hope that all of you have the same news about your loved ones.



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