Top Smartphone Apps For Your Car

Did you know that you can get a deal on gas, avoid traffic, and keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance repair with your smartphone? The information below features a few smartphone apps designed to help you save money on gas, get places faster, and make sure your car is running in top condition. Forward this information on to family and friends.

gas stationFind Cheap Gas

GasBuddy (free, for iOS, Android, Blackberry) not only compares prices at gas stations nearby, it also gives you directions to them.

Fuel Finder ($2.99, for iOS; $1.99 for Android) utilizes price reports submitted by users to compare gas prices and find the cheapest gas near you. It also offers directions and maps as well as information about the amenities of the station, including car washes and ATMs.

Avoid Traffic Jams

INRIX Traffic (free, for iOS and Android) helps you get where you need to go faster. It gives you a list of traffic accidents or events and predicts traffic in 15-minute intervals.

Waze (free, for iOS and Android) is a community-driven app that allows users to update information about traffic, accidents, and gas prices.

Keep Up on Maintenance and Repairscarmaintenance

Repair Pal (free, for iOS and Android) will give you an idea of how much of a bite a car repair will make to your wallet. Just type in your vehicle’s make and model and the type of repair you need and the app will give you an estimate based on local prices.

Car Minder Plus ($2.99, for iOS) will help you stay on top of your car maintenance. Once you input your car’s maintenance schedule, it will send you reminders of upcoming service tasks and will log any maintenance and repairs you make. It also tracks your fuel economy and displays it in an easy-to-read graph.

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