The Mortgage Process: What You Need to Know

The mortgage process can be very daunting but, if you have a good team around you, it can be accomplished and you can start living in a home of your own.  The key to the process is to make sure you find a good mortgage broker you can work with who will help and guide you.  Of course, a real estate professional is also key and that is where I can help.  The mortgage brokers that work with me are all professionals and anxious to give as excellent customer service as I do.  Before we can start the buying process, you need to qualify for a mortgage and see how much you can afford.  This is a simple process and only takes a few moments but that way we know when we find the perfect home that you will be able to buy it and won’t be disappointed. 

Courtesy of Keeping Current Matters 2018

The Mortgage Process: What You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights:

  • Many buyers are purchasing a home with a down payment as little as 3%.
  • You may already qualify for a loan, even if you don’t have perfect credit.
  • Take advantage of the knowledge of your local professionals who are there to help you determine how much you can afford.

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