The Best Home Scheduling Apps

calendarWhether you’re tracking your own busy schedule or trying to maintain the schedule of the whole family, these apps will help you keep track of every activity, meeting and lunch date on your tablet or smartphone.

Free Calendar Apps

  • Cozi (iOS and Android) is an award winning app designed to easily manage the scheduling needs of the entire family.  Access your information through your computer, tablet or smartphone, and sync your appointments with Microsoft Outlook and other internet calendars.
  • aCalendar (Android) is another free app full of great features that make it easy to manage your schedule.  It features intuitive navigation that allows you to change views with vertical and horizontal swipes across the screen.  The app offers several key features for optimal organization.
  • Jorte (Android) allows the same look and functionality of a paper personal organizer, but it is lighter, less bulky and easier to navigate with the tap of a finger.  Jorte syncs with Google calendar.

Premium Calendar Apps That Do It All

  • Fantastical (iOS; $4.99) is a fast, easy to use calendar app that shows you all of your color coded appointments for the day, week and month.  Add events quickly by simply speaking the details of the event in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.  Additionally, you can see and edit your calendar without even opening the app.
  • CalenGoo (iOS $6.99; Android $5.99) syncs with Android Calendar and Google Calendar, as well as your iOS calendars for those using Apple products.  CalenGoo focuses on flexibility; easily drag and drop a scheduled event to a different time, zoom and pan through each month to get an overview of what’s scheduled, and attach photos and PDF files to events.  The app is simple and streamlined to help you keep your life organized.
  • Organizer (iOS $7.99) allows you to enter text, events or diagrams; insert maps and voice memos; enter handwritten notes and drawings, and manage your to do list.  Organizer syncs with your iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar and others.  Additionally, the app offers many of the standard features of other calendar apps, such as scheduling recurring events, syncing data, setting reminders and importing and editing events.

Choose one of these apps to keep you and your family on schedule so you don’t miss any of those fun events you had planned or that important business meeting!

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and to be on time wherever you go!

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