Testimonials from Our Customers


Chris has been our real estate agent for over six years. She found us three seasonal rentals, one condo and finally a wonderful house, in which, we are now living. She, very quickly sold our condo. She took care of all of the details; arranged for a mortgage, a home inspection, obtained a title agency, an insurance agency as well as any service vendors that we needed such as pool service. We would use Chris again and highly reccommend her and her team. – Tom and Gary – Naples Fl.

It was a pleasure to work with Chris and her team at Toasty in Naples. We were out of state buyers and her knowledge of the area and expertise at working with out of state buyers was extremely beneficial. She answered all our questions about the area and helped us work through the purchasing process with ease. It was a pleasure working with her and her team and she provided a great introduction to the Naples area. – Bev and Al – Massachusetts

Very experienced and professional. I moved out of state and needed special care to complete the transaction. Chris was there every step of the way and helped me get the best price for my home. It was a pleasure working with her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate professional.  – Dana – Louisiana

As a title agency who has closed many transactions with Chris, I can share that her clients are always happy when they come to the closing table. They are happy with her services, are informed about the process, and are more relaxed clients. – Karen Kohler, Access Title Agency

Chris has put together a wonderful team. They are all friendly, efficient and work well together and with you. Chris is very knowledgeable in real estate matters, and is responsive to your questions whether she is in town, out of state, or even out of the country. Unlike other Realtors I have worked with (and that is many), she found properties within the parameters I requested, and didn’t waste my time visiting more expensive properties and pushing my limits.  – Stuart, Bonita Springs FL

Thank you so very much for the magnificent clock.  We certainly did not expect anything so this was a wonderful surprise.  Although we do not have a place for it in Bonita Springs it will look great in our Annapolis home where we will be able to enjoy it’s quality sound.  It will remind us of your excellent guidance in our successful property search. – Louise, Annapolis MD

THANK YOU CHRIS! The pleasure was all mine you are an excellent agent and I put your business card in my post office lobby. I have a lot of snowbirds! – Michael Corbley New York

I worked with Christine Dike when looking for a property in Naples FL.  It’s a beautiful city especially to us Canadians in winter time.  Sometimes finding somewhere you can picture yourself living is a stressful process.  Have I made the right decision, will I really like it once I move here?  Christine took all the stress out of the decisions we had to make.  She patiently showed us a lot of property and her knowledge of the real estate market in Naples is wonderful.  She is patient, helpful and a real pleasure to work with.  I would recommend Christine Dike owner of Toasty in Naples for any of your real estate needs in the area.  Thanks Christine.   – Joyce Lagden – Ontario Canada

We interviewed a couple of real estate agents & then met with Chris & Mike. We felt confident in their ability& knowledge of the housing market right from the beginning. They were able to sell our home in Waterways of Naples very quickly. They responded to all our questions and concerns in a timely manner & the whole process right through the closing went very smoothly. We wish to thank Chris & Mike & recommend them as knowledgeable & reliable agents for all your real estate needs.    Bob & Sandy – Naples, Florida

Thanks for helping us find our place in the sun! I would highly recommend the Toasty team to anyone looking for real estate in Naples. Christine is super knowledgeable and always available to answer questions and kept on top of all the details for us.   – Suzanne Bean – Ontario Canada

WOW.  You are absolutely the antithesis of my impression, and experiences, with real estate agents.  It would be my pleasure if I were to refer someone to your company. – Jeff – Naples Florida

I would like to commend the Toasty Team, Chris and Mike Dike for making it possible for me to purchase and sell our home in record time with utmost efficiency and a hassle free experience.

What makes this so special is that most of the transaction was controlled and delayed by the banks because the properties having been short sales. I believe their knowledge of the market and the process made this seem flawless. In fact my home had multiple offers within the first week with buyers who had excellent credentials. A credit to them and the kind of network they have.

They are great on knowing what you want and zeroing in the property that you want and can afford. In fact we found our home with them on the first outing and made an offer within the first two hours. How much better can it get than that.

Lets not forget about their office staff. To a person everyone treated me as if I was their own client. I did not feel that I could not deal with any of them differently than if it were Chris or Mike.

The follow up, follow through and professionalism is a keystone of the Toasty Team.   This has been the best experience that we have had in working with any brokerage and highly recommend them. – Michael Schleider



I’m positive that you are already aware that Chris and Mike Dike are superb realtors, but I’d like to tell you about the amazing depth of their patience. For almost a year Chris and Mike worked with me and my family to find a home. Chris and Mike made lists after lists of nice properties for us to view and we added our own lists of additional properties of interest, which I fondly remember as the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yet, Chris and Mike understood that this process was profoundly important because we needed to know that we had found the best home possible for us, as a family, at a price we could afford.

After almost nine months I had given up hope on finding that perfect combination, when Chris contacted me about several more properties, and one of them was a house that I had admired for several years. I still smile when I remember arriving at the house ahead of Chris and Mike, and after realizing that the house was unoccupied I scrambled around to the back, onto the lanai, and peered in through the patio doors; what I saw inside made me feel like a kid at Christmas. Because of the year spent looking at, and learning about real estate with Chris and Mike I was able to make an educated and confident offer and counteroffer, and within 36 hours a preliminary deal was struck. Then, the deal to close on the house began. Once again Chris and Mike walked us through the process and provided steady helping hands in the frenzied process. Even on the day of closing when the specter of a glitch in the funding of mortgage appeared Chris and Mike quickly straightened out the crossed wires.

After the closing I remember sending Chris and Mike an email telling them that I still could not believe that we had bought this house. Two months later my daughter still looks at me and tells me how much she loves this house, how secure she feels, and that she loves being able to scooter up and down the street to see her school classmates. And my husband, who originally wanted a home with land, often beats me home from work!

In the end there were enough property sheets to fill two ring binders. I know that Chris and Mike had to retain all of the sheets for the properties that they showed us, while I was at liberty to discard my sheets. However, I found this somewhat difficult to do because during the course of a year I recognized that not only are Chris and Mike superb agents, they are also superb people, and that I was going to miss those Saturday showings.

Kudos to Chris and Mike Dike. – Jan DeJarnette


Chris and her team have been great managing my rental property. Like many others I rented my house when the economy changed because I could not sell it for what I owed. The Toasty Team have taken what was a serious worry and concern of mine and have made it something that makes me proud. They have been able to keep it occupied, maintained, and “in the black” for over 3 years. I cannot say enough about their professionalism, care, and attentiveness. – Jake – Naples Fl.

Chris and her team are very knowledgeable and have done a great job for us. I would give them a five thumbs up!!! She not only helped us rent our villa once but did so many times. We found her to be very easy to work with and more than eager to please. – JoAnn – Naples Fl.

Chris has lengthy experience in the Naples market and we have rented through her several times. We met when she worked for another large real estate company and have worked through her whenever we rented in Naples and surrounding area. We formerly were owners in the Tampa Bay area and when we sold our property we decided that we would not be purchasing any more real estate but simply renting for the winter season. We are seniors who like to escape the winters in the north particularly in Toronto where we live so we enjoy the Naples area weather and facilities and so we appreciate the contact with Chris who can find us the desired accommodation. – Doug – Toronto Canada

I used Chris as my rental agent for many years. She always found excellent renters for our property and she always attended to their needs; I was rarely bothered about a problem. I have referred others to Chris regarding the purchase of real estate or the renting of real estate. Everyone has been impressed by her hard work and professional manner. I would highly recommend Chris for your real estate needs in the Naples area. – Carol and Tony –  Indianapolis In.

We  have been involved with Chris Dike and her team for 3 years now.  Initially Chris was recommended by the Condominium manager as someone to manage our unit.  I find the whole team at Toasty in Naples to be pleasant and professional.  Chris was diligent in locating a qualified tenant for us, and her knowledge of the marketplace makes her an easy choice when searching for a property manager.   All of my questions/concerns are dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Chris provides us with a level of confidence that our property is being actively managed.  We will continue to have Chris and her team represent us in Naples, and would certainly recommend their services to anyone looking for a property manager. – Jim and Marianne – Feeding Hills, Ma.


Dear Chris,

We wanted to thank you for all the support you provide to us with our condo, especially when we lived in NJ. It was such a relief to know you were managing the condo, tenants & repairs & providing updates to us routinely. We appreciate all the phone calls, emails, etc. With so many people available to manage properties, it is hard to know who you can really put your trust in. We have no doubt that person is you. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you & your company. – Jimmy & Donna – Naples Florida


Dear Chris,

You and the Toasty Team have now been handling the rental of our property in Naples for several years.  We want to put on record our thanks for the service we have received throughout this time.

Apart from the successful level of rentals achieved, we particularly are grateful for the regular communications we receive from you updating us on the progress of rental negotiations and, when necessary, if any issues arise during the rental.  It is reassuring to know that any issue has been resolved efficiently.

Thank you, again, for your great service. – Derek and Stephanie – Aldershot, Hants, UK


To whom it may concern,

My name is Anthony Mosso and I’ve been working in the real estate field for over 27 years. When you have made your living in real estate as long as I have, you have the opportunity to meet thousands of real estate agents, property managers, brokers, buyers, sellers & developers. But they’re not all created equal; some are much, much better than others. Much like a medical doctor or automotive mechanic, the skills and professionalism possessed can vary greatly. Simply being certified by the state doesn’t ensure competency, much less excellence.

Why do I tell you all of this? It’s really quite simple; I recently had the pleasure, and I do mean pleasure, to conduct business with Chris and Mike Dike of Toasty in Naples Real Estate. After returning to Pennsylvania from Naples I reflected on the entire process, from the initial contact with Chris to the final handshake and I felt compelled to take just a few minutes to commend true excellence.

Chris and Mike are true professionals in every sense of the word. Every skill required to be an exceptional real estate agent is possessed by Chris and Mike, and best of all these skills are second to none. Please allow me to elaborate and tell you exactly what skills I look for in my real estate “partners”, as I like to call them. They are as follows:

  1. Respectful. It’s imperative the people I partner with respect my time and my knowledge as I respect theirs. Chris and Mike listen and listen well. This is the key to truly determining what it is you are looking for. They asked great questions and then listen intently. This saved me valuable time and energy because Chris was able to quickly pinpoint exactly what it was I was searching for. We didn’t waste time looking at units that didn’t meet our criteria.
  2. Knowledgeable. Market knowledge is priceless. I like to partner with people that display a knack for getting the inside scoop as well as having the ability to mine data to give me a leg up. Use Chris and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Knowledge is power.
  3. Preparedness. Your time is valuable and so is mine. Be prepared in advance. Chris and Mike certainly were prepared. It was obvious they had done their homework and homework takes time. This is why so many agents are not prepared; it takes time! Chris had crucial information at her fingertips and provided me with printed information. The printed information was provided in chronological order.
  4. Attention to detail. As I said, the information provided was in chronological order. It sounds simple, but view real estate with an agent that’s not organized and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. It will end up costing you money and in some cases a significant amount of money
  5. Passion. Don’t mistake passion and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm will only take you so far. Passion will take you to the top. Chris and Mike’s passion for Naples and the regional real estate market is evident in everything they do. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to provide you with incredible service.
  6. Honesty. Give it to me straight with no fluff. I prefer answers that are direct and honest. Some agents will try to manipulate the truth, bend it, and stretch it, whatever you would like to call it, just to get a listing or a sale. I’ve been doing it long enough to flush these types out. Chris and Mike will provide facts and that’s what it takes to make insightful decisions that save you money
  7. Courteous and friendly. I tend to want to truly like who I do business with. I like people that are genuine, down to earth, and to put it quite simply; are nice. Chris and Mike are great people!

Again, why do I tell you all this? Why would I take the time to write about my experience with Chris and Mike and get nothing in return? As I said previously, I felt compelled. Compelled because Chris and Mike earned these accolades and to be honest I did get something for my time. I received the best real estate service you can get in the entire Naples area!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about my experience with Toasty in Naples, feel free to email me at mossoanthony (at) gmail.com.

Good luck with your real estate needs in Naples! – Anthony L Mosso, President, Mosso Realty, Strawberry Flats Luxury Apartments

Thank you guys! Your property management services were the best that we have ever worked with! Good luck in the future and if we ever have friends or family in the area, we will recommend you!


Tim House