Sunday Brunch At First Watch

first watch 2I am sure many of you have already visited this Naples institution but for the people, like myself, that have never visited I will tell you it is well worth it!  Just recently I went to the First Watch on Immokalee and US 41 for the first time and I was very impressed.  What I didn’t know is there are actually First Watch locations in other Florida cities.  I was in Tampa last weekend looking for Sunday brunch and their location popped up on my google map program.  So you don’t have to be in Naples to enjoy First Watch!

What I really like is their diverse menu.  You don’t have to settle for plain old bacon and eggs they have many special dishes which are very inventive.  I loved 2016-09-03 09.49.28the wheat toast with avocado and fried egg on top.  Hadn’t thought about putting that taste combination together before but have now made it for myself at home also. The second time I had proscuitto with fig paste and greens on their yummy fresh wheat bread.  That was a wonderful treat also!

Of course they do offer the traditional eggs and bacon, omelets, french toast and other breakfast items.  Their service is good and their coffee is excellent.  This is well worth a visit for a yummy breakfast, brunch or lunch!

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a tasty breakfast!


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