Small Businesses: A Common Goal, A Common Vision

By:  Kara Martin
Hilton Moving & Storage, Director of Marketing

world cupThis year’s FIFA World Cup proved to be an awe-inspiring collaborative effort with one common goal, one common vision for all: win the title of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  Whether you diligently watched every game, cheered for your country, or watched your favorite player, audience members felt the preparation, passion, and hunger each player enveloped.  As the world watched the finale, many thoughts came to mind for local businesses: goals, determination, perseverance, growth, success, collaboration, and leadership.

What do these thoughts, and more appropriately, what does the World Cup have in common with local businesses?  Success proves time and time again that it takes a collaborative effort with a central and understood vision by all.  Similar to the athletes participating in The World Cup, employees who are part of a business work together for a common goal…success.

Whether you run your own company or are employed, reflect on your roles and responsibilities.

1. What do you contribute? Is it in a positive manner?work

2. Do you uphold the common goal, common vision?

3. Are you executing your responsibilities?

4. Do you communicate and collaborate with other employees?

Remember, success has a common goal, a common vision executed by a collaborative effort by all.  Whether you are a professional soccer athlete or an employee of a company ask yourself this question, what am I contributing?

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!




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