See How Easily You Can Buy a New Home in Naples Florida

100_5886Don’t live here and can’t leave your busy life to fly down for a long weekend?  You know that you need to get into the market and invest your money now before the prices go up and price you out.  You want to purchase that retirement home now so that in five years when you can retire you have your dream home waiting and hopefully more valuable.  But, whenever you think you might have a few days to get away, the phone rings with more business and you are stuck in the cold north again!  Sound like you?  Don’t worry I have the answer for you!

The First Step

I love to work with this kind of customer because it allows me to use my talents to their best advantage.  First of all we start with our property search where you can spend as much time as you like searching through the homes for sale in Naples and narrowing down your search.  It doesn’t cost anything to look at the pictures of the ones in the $10 million and up category so enjoy those too!  Then we narrow down the search to the area and price range you feel comfortable with and I take over the search for you.  Every day you will receive listings that meet your criteria to review.  When you find one that seems perfect, I go and see the property for you and take more pictures.  I even call you from the home so that you can ask me specific questions as I am walking.  I can take the specific pictures you need to help you make a decision.

The Perfect Home

Suppose we find the perfect home?  At this point we don’t know whether your bid will be successful and there is no point wasting your busy time to fly down and see the property until we know it is yours.  So I research the comparable sold properties and we discuss a fair price to offer.  I prepare the offer with an addendum that states you have 10 days to come and personally inspect the property after acceptance of the offer.  If you don’t like the home for any reason, during that 10 day period, you can cancel the contract and there is no penalty.

happy to retire in Naples

 Heading to Closing

Once the contract is accepted at the terms agree by both you and the seller, you book your tickets and fly down for a couple of days in the sun.  This is my favorite moment.  When we have both worked so hard to find a new home for you and I am the one who takes you to the property and welcomes you home!  If you love it we continue through the process to closing, if you don’t then we cancel the contract and move on to look again.  You don’t even have to come for closing as all that can be done by FedEx with the title company.  Give me the keys and I find you a tenant to rent the property and build income for you.  Click here to find out information on our rental services.

Start Now!

See how easy it is to buy a home in Naples Florida?  Call me today at 239-601-3174 or email and we can start this exciting process for you.  Or, if you are not ready to commit, enjoy browsing my property search and see the fabulous prices in Naples Florida.  Remember it is always Toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Florida sunshine.


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