What Says Vacation In Any Language? A Perfectly Packed Suitcase

Summer is here and many across the country will be jet-setting off on wonderful and warm adventures. But what should you bring and what can you do without? Here are a few steps travelers can take to make packing perfect.

suitcaseStep one: Weight, size…
Understand limitations. Traveling by car, with an empty trunk to fill? In this case, the more the merrier! But for those traveling by air, it is worth looking into weight and size restrictions to eliminate those last minute surprises when checking it at the airport. Most airlines enforce a 50 pound weight restriction for checked bags. Find out what the maximum weight is for your chosen airline and pack accordingly.

Step two: The essentials 
Make a master list of everything needed, every day. This list can include all the basics, like a toothbrush and toothpaste, and all personal must-haves, like special face cream or hair straightener. Keep this list and re-use it for the next trip!

Step three: Mix and match 
Forget total outfits. First, consult the local weather forecast. Then, choose a basic color theme and stick with it – blacks or navies, whites or creams – so that you can pack a set of mix and match basics. Pack familiar items – now is not the time to experiment with new pieces. Leave behind articles which wrinkle too much or show wear too easily. And take multifunctional pieces like a blazer or cardigan to coordinate with pants or a dress. With the space saved, there is room for one or two extravagant items – or for souvenirs picked up along the way!

shoesStep four: Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! 
Oh, the agony! Again, sticking to a color theme will make decisions so much easier. Take a comfortable pair of shoes, as traveling always involves a lot of walking. Then take one pair that can dress anything up for the evening. And finally, wear the biggest pair while travelling. As for purses, the same rules apply – take one for the day, which can possibly double as a second carry-on bag, and a little bag for the evening, which can easily slip into the suitcase.

Step five: Toiletries 
Searching for a little piece of home away from home? For many people, that comes in the shape of toiletries and cosmetics. Always remember the 100 ml rule – anything larger than 100 mls can only be packed in checked luggage. And collect samples of favorite brands to use during the trip. This will drastically reduce the volume of toiletries required.

pearlsStep six: Accessories 
If there is one area people can pack a few outstanding items in, this is it! Pack all the basics, and sneak in a few extras just in case. Those sparkly earrings? Check. A bangle bracelet? Why not?

Step seven: Packing vs. unpacking 
One last rule? The less you pack, the less you have to unpack!


Source: DELSEY

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

I travel quite frequently now to attend conventions for my coaching and my Vice Presidency of Woman’s Council of Realtors Naples-On-The-Gulf Chapter, and I find that a master list is a necessity for my packing.  It is so easy to forget the items that you use every day because they are always at hand and you never think about them.  How many times have I opened my suitcase in a hotel to find out I forgot my toothbrush!  I am one of those people that always pack too much.  I am so afraid I may want a favorite thing and don’t have it so I bring everything.  Shoes are definitely a problem also.  I will take these tips to heart and try to learn to be a better packer!

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a well-packed suitcase!

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