How to Really Clean Your Closet

closetCloset cleaning is never a fun job but has to be done periodically.  Here are some practical tips to help you get started and hopefully complete the job.  I always use the rule that if I wouldn’t buy it now I should get rid of it even if I have never worn it.  We all have those outfits we get out and look at once in a while and then put back in the closet because we can’t face wearing them.  Get rid of them!  Donate them so that someone else can enjoy it; you know  you will never wear it!

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Cleaning your closet out is rarely a fun task. But if you blast some tunes or even enlist a willing friend to help, it can seem more appealing. Below are five tips for giving your closet the clean out it needs.

1. Prep! Set a date on your calendar. Aim for a time window of 2-5 hours, depending on your closet size. closet 3Get what organizational tools you will need, like bins or baskets, wall hooks, or those nifty hangers that can store several pairs of jeans in one go.

2. Empty the closet. Yes, the entire thing. Pile all of your clothes on your floor or bed and take a look at the space that’s left. Envision a way you can store things in a more organized fashion – it’s easier when the space is empty.

3. Wash the inside of your closet. Vacuum the floors, dust the shelves and clean the walls with a mixture of soap and water, or vinegar and water.

4. Sort through your clothes. Take an eagle’s eye to your wardrobe. Ask yourself, when is the last time I wore this? If the answer is more than six months ago, set it aside for donation.

closet 25. Organize. Put everything back in the organizational style of your choosing. Color coding, style, length, weather or occasion – whatever is going to be easiest for you. Store out of season clothes in a bin, and if you have limited closet space, store that bin under the bed or elsewhere. Make sure the closet is streamlined, and that the things you wear most are easy to access.

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and your closet may not look like this but you will feel the satisfaction of a job well done when you finish cleaning out  your closet!

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