Power Balance – Learn How To Save Energy!

twilight-532720_960_720It may only be May in Naples but already our temperatures are hot and our air conditioners are working hard.  Consider these tips from the US Department of Energy to lower your electric usage.  Maybe you can’t do them every day but even a few days a month might save both your dollars on the electric bill and our electrical energy!

It may be tempting to shut the doors and blast your air conditioning once summer kicks into full gear, but if you can avoid that impulse, you can actually save money as well as help the environment. Find out what you can do to save energy this summer with the following advice from the U.S. Department of Energy.

One easy way to take advantage of natural cooling is to turn off your air conditioning at night and open your windows instead. This will let cool air into your house that you can trap by closing the windows when you wake up in the morning. Making sure your windows have a tight seal will also prevent cold air from escaping, and it will help you save energy in the winter.

grilling-1081675_960_720Turning off appliances that emit heat is another simple way to save on energy and keep your house cool. Using items such as your oven, lamps, and dishwasher will cause your house to heat up, requiring your air conditioner to do more heavy lifting. You can avoid building up excessive heat in the house by cooking outside or doing the dishes at night when it is easier to keep the house cool.

Learning how to program your thermostat will also pay dividends. If your house is unoccupied for periods throughout the day, set your thermostat so the air conditioning isn’t operating during those times.

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a cool summer!



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