Porky’s Last Stand – Steak, Seafood & Slow Cooked Barbecue

PorkysBy Barbara Tinucci

One of our new favorite restaurants is Porky’s Last Stand. Tell ya why. It’s local, it’s great food, and it’s reasonably priced. And, who doesn’t like some great barbecue? Top it all off with a casual, country atmosphere, kid friendly, drink specials and live music on weekends. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It is.

Now, we like the “fancier” type restaurants, too. Don’t get me wrong. But sometimes (often) we don’t want to fuss, dress up, and otherwise spend a big pile of money at a wonderful, yet somewhat expensive dinner. Then, we discovered Porky’s.

So, we took some friends from “up north” there a few months ago. The husband (Fred) is somewhat of a connoisseur of prime rib, and maybe just a little picky. J Fred said it was the best prime rib he’s ever had. My husband Bob thinks so, too. And when you order it a certain degree of doneness, it comes that way – medium, medium rare, whatever. Always cooked just right! That’s not always the case at many restaurants. The prime rib is slow roasted each day, and served after 4 pm – 12 ounces for $17.95 and a 16-ounce portion for $22.95.

Now, let’s talk ribs. I love ribs, but I can’t eat too, too many at once. Porky’s seems to know me, and they offer a baby back rib basket ($9.95), with 4 or 5 delicious, fall-off-the-bone back ribs, lightly basted with their homemade BBQ sauce, and served with two of their great sides – sweet potato fries, regular fries, cole slaw or apple sauce. It’s just enough to satisfy my “rib craving” without having to lug half my dinner home in a box.  They also offer a full rack for $17.95. There are several steaks, as well as a sirloin and rib combo. If meat isn’t your thing, there’s lots of seafood, too, including grouper, shrimp, salmon, and fried oysters. We’ve had the frog legs, and they’re juicy and tender. And the deep fried gator nuggets are also tender and delicious, and served with a nice sweet and sour sauce. Don’t be squeamish – they’re great. Almost forgot – there’s a nice salad bar, too, served in (of all things!) a refurbished John Deere manure spreader – you have to see it to believe it. Oh, don’t worry – it’s clean as a whistle and sanitary!

Porky’s offers live music on weekends (country, of course!), happy hour each day from 11am to 6pm, and daily drink specials. We’re not dessert eaters, but their menu lists some good sounding sweets, such as peach cobbler, peanut butter pie, and key lime pie, to name just a few.

You can find Porky’s Last Stand at 2560 39th Street SW, off Collier just south of Golden Gate Parkway. They’re open every day Porky directionsbut Monday. Check out their website at www.porkyslaststand.com for more menu items, entertainment schedule and directions from Naples, Marco and Ft. Myers.

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