Poinciana Trees On 5th Avenue In Old Naples

photo 3This weekend I was able to spend some time in downtown Naples enjoying Starbucks coffee on 5th Avenue South and watching the people enjoy a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon.  The Poinciana trees are showing off their wonderful color throughout the downtown Naples area.

Poinciana Trees are also known as Flame Trees and it is easy to see why as they give a flamboyant and colorful display at this time of year.  The tree is native to Madagascar and for several weeks in spring and summer you can see them in the Naples area covered with clusters of flame red flowers.  This tree is so popular that Miami that they have an annual festival to celebrate its flowering.

Why not plan a trip to Naples in the next few weeks or next year in May and June to see these wonderful flowering trees.  Just another reason to make Naples Florida a part of your future travel plans!photo2 delo_re3

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