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Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage

September 18, 2019

Very important information in today’s blog post.  Once you have found your home and applied for the mortgage be very careful about anything you do with your credit or income.  In other words, don’t do anything!  So many buyers think that everything is ok once the mortgage has been applied for, but the mortgage company […]

What’s the Latest on Interest Rates?

September 13, 2019

Are you worried about interest rates and the direction they may head?  According to the chief economist of Freddie Mac there is great news for homebuyers.  He feels that the lower interest rates and high employment rate will continue and home sales will be brisk going into the fall months.  Buyers market and low interest […]

A Recession Does Not Equal a Housing Crisis

September 11, 2019

Does all this talk of a recession make you worry about your plans to buy a new home in the coming months?  Don’t let the media talk you into delaying your plans!  Southwest Florida is enjoying a buyers market so your money goes further here at the moment than it has in many years, especially […]

5 Real Estate Reality TV Myths Explained

August 23, 2019

Are you an avid HGTV watcher?  Do you believe that these shows represent the truth of a real estate transaction?  I wish that my buyers would look at three homes and decide which one to buy!  However, that rarely happens although it has happened on occasion.  The home buying process is lengthy and at times […]

Buying a Home: Do You Know the Lingo?

August 21, 2019

There definitely is a set lingo to the real estate business.  I found myself in this position last week, using phrases with one of my customers because to me it is part of my vernacular, only to have her look at me questioningly.  As Real Estate professionals we forget that although these words are used […]

5 Real Estate Reality TV Myths Explained

August 14, 2019

Do you love real estate TV shows?  Are you hooked on how easily the buyer chooses a new home?  This article dispels some of the myths of those shows.  Although they are fun to watch, remember they are condensed versions of the real thing with only the good parts put in for entertainment!  Give me […]

Is Your First Home Now Within Your Grasp?

August 2, 2019

Are you an “old millennial”?  Are you between the ages of 25 and 36?  Then you are in the age group that are dominating the housing market and buying their first home.  Still renting?  Why?  Now is the time to consider paying your own mortgage instead of your landlords.  Prices are low, sellers are anxious […]

Millennials Are Increasing the Demand for Condominiums

July 29, 2019

Condo living may be perfect for you!  All you have to worry about is paying your mortgage and fees and keeping the inside of your home in good shape.  The association takes care of everything else.  Close the door and go on vacation without thinking of all the jobs that need to be done! There […]