Noddy Car Up For Auction!

noddy carHere comes Noddy!  Were you an Enid Blyton fan as a child and loved the Noddy stories?  Now you can buy the famous car and “parp parp” your way around town!  The real Noddy car is a full-size driveable red and yellow roadster 1969 Fiat Gamine Vignale and has a 594cc engine and sychromesh gearbox with a top speed of 65mph.  This car was once owned by Enid Blyton’s company and the license plate really is NOD 513.

The Noddy car has only had four owners, including Ms Blyton in 44 years and has covered less than 7300km or 4500 miles.  In recent years it has been serviced and polished with skill and pride by Fiat specialist Middle Barton Garage in Oxfordshire.

If you have an extra $30,000 or so and want to be the talk of the town visit Silverstone Classic Auction on Saturday July 27, 2013 in Gaydon Warwickshire UK.  Silverstone Auctions classic car specialist Will Smith said “We expect a huge amount of interest in the Noddy car from Fiat collectors as well as Enid Blyton fans – and who can blame them for wanting to get their hands on a car that takes us back to our childhood.”

If you get your hands on this marvelous car, I would love a ride!  Let’s use it to drive around Naples and find your new dream home with a big garage for that special noddy car 2car.  The weather is perfect most of the year in Naples Florida for a convertible and you will look great driving around in your new Noddy car.  Parking should be easy too as the small car won’t take up much space when you are dining on 5th Avenue in Naples and looking for that perfect parking spot.

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a Noddy car!

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