Naples Botanical Gardens Tour And Pictures

DSC_0009The Naples Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place to visit and relax among the flowers or bring your camera and snap away to your hearts content.

My husband Mike is a professional photographer as well as a member of Realty and he loves the photo opportunities at the Botanical Gardens.  You can purchase an annual membership and visit as many times as you like during the year.  If you are just here for a short time they do have daily rates.

As well as flowers and displays there are many activities at the Gardens.  They hold yoga classes, bring in art sculptures from other cultures, hold live music events and lots of events for children.  The whole family will enjoy the opportunity to visit and spend time together.

Every time you visit the Botanical Gardens you will find new things to explore and new pictures to capture.  Take the whole family and a picnic lunch and enjoy your day!

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