Mr Big Fish – Neopolitan Plaza

mr big fishThis month I had the opportunity to visit Mr Big Fish in the Neopolitan Plaza at the corner of US 41 and Neopolitan Way.  It bought back a lot of memories for me because years ago when I worked at Prudential it was called Tropical Palm Cafe.  My mum would come and visit me from Canada and help me with the office work, we would walk up the street to Tropical Palm Cafe and enjoy grouper sandwiches and fries for our lunch.  A very poignant memory for me and one that I will cherish.

However, Tropical Palm Cafe is no more and in it’s place we have Mr Big Fish.  They have made a lot of changes inside, taken out a lot of the seats to make a big bar area and the whole place seems much more spacious than it used to be.  They have redecorated with a rustic nautical theme and have developed a pleasing ambience.

Their story on the website is very interesting.  The owner grew up with his family starting the Mel’s Diner chain so popular in our area and they also opened Stevie Tomatoes and Big Al’s Grill.  He certainly has a background in the hospitality business!

The service the night we were there was a bit slow but I am finding this happening quite often in Naples mr big fish 2this summer.  I think the businesses are trying to cut down on their overhead as much as they can by not having staff in and then, if they do have a busy night, there is not enough staff to cover the demand.  No worries though it was still Happy Hour and they allowed us to take our happy hour wine to our table so we were content sitting and chatting and celebrating my friends birthday.

It was Thursday and that is probably a good reason why they were busier than expected.  On Thursdays they run the two dinner entrees, two sides and a bottle of wine special for $49.  A very good deal!  The only problem was that two people drank red wine and I was the only one drinking white!  Also that is a lot of food and I knew I would not finish anywhere near that much food.  They shared the special and I had the lobster stuffed shrimp which was excellent!  I know it is hard to imagine stuffing shrimp but they accomplished it and the result was delicious.  There were definitely enough shrimp to enjoy without being overwhelmed and the dish was tasty but not overly rich.  I was very impressed with my first visit to this new restaurant.  I definitely recommend it as a place to try.  There are many seafood restaurants in our town, but the quality of the food and the reasonable price make this restaurant worth visiting.

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a good restaurant experience.

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