Moving Crisis? Helpful Tips To Relieve Stress

Moving-animated-clip-art-dont-panic-pictureWhat happens when your home sells in 4 days and you are not prepared?  Stress and anxiety can ensue if you don’t have a carefully prepared plan of action.  A quick sale and closing is a good thing but it can cause a lot of problems if you panic.  Here are some tips to help you stay calm and face the moving storm.

Advertise Locally For Things You Want To Sell

Ebay sounds like a great idea and you can probably get more money for the item but when you add the cost of shipping to the equation it is better to stay local and let the people come to you.  There is also the time involved in getting the items shipped to the new buyer in a timely fashion.  Craigslist is a great place to get local buyers or try the classifieds in the newspaper and online.  Remember that the people will be coming to your house so make sure you are not alone when you schedule the appointment.  Yard sales always draw a crowd so if you are in a community that allows yard sales spend a Saturday selling your items and you might make a lot of money.

Used Furniture And Personal Items Are Not Worth A Lot Of Money

Don’t overprice the items you are trying to sell.  If you are moving a long way the cost of shipping unwanted items is extremely high so if you don’t want to take the item with you price it to sell or donate it.  People will not pay a lot of money for used items and they are looking for a good deal to make it worth their while to come to your house and pick it up.  Salvation Army and local charities are great places to donate unwanted items and it can even be a tax writeoff.

Ask Your Realtor For Help

We deal with people every day who have bought or sold a home and need to move.  We are very familiar with procedures and how other people did things.  Don’t reinvent the wheel, ask for help.  We may know the answer to your most important question.  We also know first time buyers moving into homes who are in need of extra furniture maybe we can help put the two of you together.

Stay Calm!

Maybe everything won’t get done and you will have to take extra items with you that you thought you didn’t want.  But if you get the bulk of the jobs handled and moving day arrives, enjoy it and look forward to where you are going.  Life doesn’t always go as planned but if you are calm things usually work out well.

Remember it is much better to have to make a quick move than to have your house on the market for months and wait for an offer.  Quick closings allow you to move on with your life plans and enjoy the future without being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.  There is always a silver lining!

Moving to Naples?  Call me at 239-601-3174 so that I can help you find your perfect home in our wonderful paradise.

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!


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