Molto Reopens on 5th Avenue

Finally I have a new neighborhood favorite to enjoy!  I was so disappointed when Francesca and Andre left L’Angolo’s on 5th and 8th, as this had been my favorite local restaurant.  They moved back to Molto, their pizza restaurant closer to the beach on 5th Avenue, and they were closed for two months while they renovated.  moltoThere is now plenty of atmosphere and a wonderful outdoor patio area to enjoy.

They are introducing the same home cooking “simply my mom in the kitchen” as they offered before but now they also have delicious pizza prepared exactly as they are in Italy.  My pizza with prosciutto and basil reminded me of the one I enjoyed recently sitting on the street in Florence.

The sunset was spectacular the night I was there and it was wonderful to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sun go down at the end of 5th.  Molto is open for breakfast and lunch as well as dinner which is a nice feature when so many of the restaurants on 5th are closed all day.  I will definitely return many times to enjoy the food and the excellent hospitality of this new local restaurant.

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