Looking For Patio Furniture At Sale Prices?

DSC_0026-EditWith Christmas around the corner even stores in Naples Florida put their outdoor furniture on sale so they have room for all the Christmas decorations.  Now is the perfect time to spruce up that outdoor living area especially with the wonderful cool weather and lack of humidity on its way!  Better Homes and Gardens have compiled a list of tips to prepare you for your lanai furniture expedition.

  1. Do your homework.  First, measure everything.  Write down dimensions of your lanai or outdoor patio accounting for details of space and traffic paths.  Also, have an idea of what you like.  Get inspiration from home decor magazines and online research.  But remember, you will need to touch, sit on and even lift furniture before deciding what you should bring home.
  2. Ask yourself the right questions.  What is the purpose and function of the furniture?  Is comfort or aesthetics the priority?  It may help to bring to the store the measurements, photos of the space and magazine pages so you can refer to them while you are shopping.
  3. Pay attention to detail.  Check the cushions and stitching.  Run your fingers over the woodwork and finish.  Take time to examine every detail.  Make sure the furniture piece is exactly what you are looking for.
  4. Don’t settle.  If you aren’t sold on a piece, don’t get it.  Every detail should be perfect.

If you aren’t happy with your outdoor living space and would like to upgrade to a larger lanai and perhaps a pool why not call me now at 239-601-3174 to discuss your options.  The real estate market in Naples Florida is improving steadily and now might be the right time to sell your current home and buy the house of your dreams.  Maybe your home is worth more than you thought!  You never know until you contact me for a free market analysis.  I have all the details on the current real estate market values and will help you make the right decision for you and your family.  Call me today and let’s get started.

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and outdoor living during our wonderful winter season.

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