Important Tips On Securing The Safety Of Your Home

England and cruise 1070Criminals know that Americans love to travel and many people will leave their homes unattended for long periods of time.  Would-be burglars are always scoping neighborhoods looking for their next victim.  Don’t let it be you!  Make sure your home is securely protected by the latest and greatest in locks.  Here are some tips from This Old House.

Locks For Exterior Doors

34% of break-ins happen at the front door, so make sure it as a dead bolt.  Ranging from $25 to $300, they come in separate pieces (a dead bolt and a lock set) or as a handle set that has both features.  Two important parts to look for: a dead-locking latch bolt, which prevents entry by jimmying with a credit card, and hardened pins that can’t be sawed.  The best option in case of an emergency?  A handle set that allows you to open the dead bolt with latch from inside in one motion.

Interior Door Locks

You’ll probably want a lock with a latch kickoff that keeps the door from closing behind you and with an emergency release that lets you open with a paperclip from the outside.  Most range from $8 to $16.

Keyless Locks

Try locks from the digital age, which don’t require a key but instead use a numeric code that slides open the bolt.  But make sure you replace the batteries as soon as the lock starts to get a little slow or you will need the emergency key that comes with the lock.  It always a good idea to change the locks when you purchase a home and it would be a great time to change to the keyless entry lock.  You can add codes and erase them as you need them.  The cleaning lady can have her code and the maintenance man can have a different code.  The codes can be erased if they no longer work for you.

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