Important Tips For Preparing Your House For Buyers

The “For Sale” sign is out front and the showings are scheduled to start but have you done everything inside and out to make potential buyers excited about your house?  Showing your home in it’s very best light requires more than just a little dusting and organizing.  You’ll need to help possible buyers imagine themselves living in your house, which means removing pictures and personal items.  Here are some important tips to prepare your house for buyers.

Get A Head Start On Packing

You have to pack anyway so you might as well start now.  Clear the clutter and pack personal items away in boxes.  Don’t just throw everything in closets and cupboards.  Buyers want to see how huge the closets are and they will not show well if they are piled high with clutter.  Store, donate or throw away items you don’t want to take with you to your new home.  Organize your kitchen cupboards and master bedroom closets to show them to their best advantage.

Move Or Store Large Furniture

Rooms can look much smaller when they are filled with large furniture.  Move large pieces of furniture like bookshelves and entertainment centers into storage.  Buyers want to see that the rooms in your house are large and able to accommodate their personal possessions.

Fix Broken Or Damaged Items

Do you have leaky faucets or holes in the wall?  It’s worth taking the time to fix those now before they become an issue for the buyer.  Do you have cracked tile or is there a drawer that is always hard to open?  Fix those now and avoid inspection problems.  Do you have rooms that are painted bright red or orange or a color combination you think looks amazing but won’t appeal to most people? Consider repainting to a neutral beige or off white so the buyer doesn’t always remember your house as the one with the crazy paint colors!

Are you considering listing your home for sale?  Call me now at 239-601-3174 for a free consultation.  We can discuss jobs you might need to take care of before we list your home and I can prepare a complete market analysis for you showing what your home is worth in this current Naples market.  It is worth working with a professional who can get you the most money for your house and move you on to your next adventure.

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!

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