How To Plan An Organized Move

Moving-animated-clip-art-dont-panic-pictureMoving day can be among the most stressful of our lives.  I recently came across these guidelines courtesy of RISMedia and Roadway Moving.  I thought they may be helpful to my customers in the middle of planning a move to a wonderful new home in the Naples area.  Hopefully they can help you also!

Now that you’ve decided to move, the clock is ticking. While we all know that the moving process is extremely stressful, most people don’t realize that there is something you can do to help ease the stresses and better plan an organized move. Ross Sapir, CEO and Founder of Roadway Moving, has compiled an exclusive go-to checklist that he offers his clients before their moves.
60 Days before You Move:

  • Start strategically planning your move, step-by-step, to alleviate the stress of last-minute packing and planning.
  • Think about holding a garage sale before your move to help reduce the amount of stuff you’re bringing to your new home.

30 Days before You Move:

  • Check with your mover to confirm every last detail regarding what everyone’s roles are for move inmoving2 day.
  • Confirm with your moving company that they will be able to connect/disconnect cable, internet, electric and any additional services you’re using.
  • Create a packing/unpacking plan for your move in day.

14 Days before You Move:

  • Begin cleaning out any rooms in your house that haven’t been emptied yet, make sure to not leave anything unpacked.
  • Collect all of your most valuable belongings such as jewelry and keep them separate from the rest of your packed belongings.
  • Continue to do so up until move in day.

Move in Day:movingtruck

  • Make sure you’ve compiled a list of items you will need for your first night in your new home (i.e. toilet paper, bottled water, snacks, towels, etc.).
  • Take inventory of all boxes that were picked up and delivered to your new home making sure everything is there before the movers leave.

Following this checklist will not only simplify your move, but it will make sure that nothing goes missing in the process.

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Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2016. All rights reserved.


Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a relatively stress free move!

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