Hoots – Breakfast and Lunch

HootsHave you ever been out for a drive on a Sunday morning just relaxing but looking for somewhere different to enjoy Sunday Brunch?  That happened to me recently and because of that aimless drive I now have a new favorite spot for Sunday brunch.  Tucked into the corner of the Eagle Creek Shopping Center on the corner of US 41 and Collier Blvd, Hoots is a small neighborhood restaurant serving great breakfast food at reasonable prices.  The tables and chairs are regular kitchen tables and chairs and stacked in as close as possible because every time I have been there they have been doing a roaring business with a crowd waiting.  They also have a sit down breakfast bar area if you don’t feel like waiting for a table.

They offer regular Sunday brunch food, eggs, hashbrowns, bacon along with the specialties like Eggs Benedict, pancakes and waffles.  The service is efficient and friendly and food arrives very hoots breakfastquickly after you order.  There is not a lot of ambiance but you do get a feeling of relaxation and friendliness in a small neighborhood restaurant.  On their website Hoots refer to it as a diner atmosphere and I think that describes it well.

I have been a couple of times on a Sunday morning lately and will definitely return again.  You definitely get your money’s worth and a tasty breakfast.  Enjoy the drive and maybe keep going and take in the Marco Island beaches for a change after your delicious Brunch!

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and an enjoyable Sunday brunch.



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