Happy Hour on 5th Avenue Naples Florida!

I know it has been a while since I wrote a blog post on my favorite happy hour BUT I can’t go another month without talking about my new absolutely favorite restaurant in Naples!  It is L’Angolo’s at 800 5th Avenue S on the corner of 5th Avenue and 8th St S.  I have taken a lot of friends and customers to enjoy the happy hour or a great meal and everyone agrees this is one of the best restaurants on 5th Avenue!

langoloHappy Hour is served daily at the bar and they have an amazing selection of cocktails for your enjoyment.  My favorite is the Blood Orange Cosmos with Blood Orange Vodka, lime, cranberry juice and triple sec.  The selection of happy hour food is also very good; my preference here is the mussels with lots of bread for dipping the sauce. The bar has a wonderful friendly ambiance and, even if you go alone, you will find someone to talk to or make conversation with the very friendly bartenders!

The food is traditional Italian owned by an Italian family from Rome.  Francesca and Andre, brother and sister, run the front of the house and “Mamma” supervises the kitchen so you can be assured it is authentic Italian.  They work very hard to make sure they get fresh produce, preferably from local growers and keep the familiar Italian flavors.  A customer from Washington DC invited me out to dinner last week so I took them to L’Angolos’s.  They loved it so much they went back the next day for lunch!

If I am going for dinner instead of happy hour, I love to sit outside at their tables directly on 5th Avenue.  These are pet friendly if you would like to bring your favorite pet with you and there are also heat lamps to keep you warm on our frigid Naples evenings!  65 degrees is not too cold for sitting outside when you have the cozy heat of the lamp to keep you warm and the excellent food to enjoy.  I have watched wonderful sunsets from this relaxing spot.

I hope the next time I visit this wonderful restaurant I see you and we can enjoy a wonderful evening together.

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a tasty meal on 5th Avenue.

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