Golden Gate Estates Naples – Great Place To Buy A Home!

Golden Gate Estates is located east of I-75 and is comprised of single family homes on 1.14 acre parcels and up.  This area encompasses over 112,000 acres and is definitely the largest area of single family homes in the Naples area.  Most of the homesites are 660 feet deep from the middle of the road so the acreage is made up by the frontage feet.  A 75ft frontage is the smallest possible and that is the 1.14 acre lot.  These lots tend to put you very close to your neighbor and are not the most desirable for people who like to live in a rural area and be by themselves.  Homesites of 1.59 acres or higher are much more popular.

All the homes are on well and septic system and for that reason the lots have to be at least 1.14 acres.  The nice thing about well and septic is that you don’t have the additional bill each month for your water and sewer use.  It is necessary to have a water conditioner and softener on your well because the water is full of iron and minerals when it comes from the ground.  There are companies that will come monthly and maintain your water system for you and make sure that it works correctly.

With the large acreage comes a lot of landscaping maintenance!  Much of the land is usually uncleared and allowed to grow with native Florida plants and trees.  If you do decide to clear your land and plant grass then it must be irrigated as the winter months are very dry and regular grass will die.  Landscaping companies are also available to take care of the lawn and plants so that you can enjoy the Naples lifestyle without worrying about your lawn maintenance.

Golden Gate Estates was one of the hardest hit areas in the big recession.  We had many short sales and foreclosures because this area appeals to the middle class families and they were the ones that suffered most when the prices dropped and it was time to refinance their home.  The prices have definitely gone up in this area in the last year and, although it is still possible to buy a great deal, you will find that the homes below $100,000 are no longer available.

Although the homes are located between 20 and 30 miles from the beach, there are stores and restaurants in very close proximity to most of the homes.  Fire stations and schools are also very close by.

Watch for my new listing in Golden Gate Estates this week.  A great deal on a two bedroom, two bath home very close to all the action will be available soon.

If you like wide open spaces and not seeing your neighbor Golden Gate Estates may be the right place for you.  Call me so that we can discuss your options and requirements.  You can even bring your horse with you to the Estates!

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a home in the country.

See all of Golden Gates listings below.

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