Germain BMW or Fucillo Kia?

2016-06-19 12.51.18They say the easiest person to sell is a salesperson and unfortunately this was true for me this month!  I listened to the ads from Billy at Fucillo Kia about how wonderful the dealership was and the HUGE deals they had available on new KIA’s.  I liked the KIA Cardenza and wanted to get out of my high payment on my Lincoln and into a lease.  Yes I admit it I swallowed the hype and made the drive to Cape Coral to be thoroughly insulted and given no customer service by the management team.  Don’t get me wrong, our salesman Kyle, was great.  Very personable and friendly, wanted to make me happy and make the deal but the upper management left a lot to be desired.

I thought the days of the big guy sitting at his desk in a room cadenza_2017_banner--kia-1920x-jpgmaking decisions about trade ins and monthly payments with a stroke of a pen were gone but I was sadly disappointed.  The first offer that Kyle came back with was so ridiculous I refused to counter it.  I told him that if one of my buyers had wanted to make an offer like that on a house I would have explained that when you come in so low it’s ridiculous you just make the other side mad and they will refuse to negotiate.  Of course, back Kyle went again and came back with a slightly better deal but not much.  Then it was time for the medium manager to come out and work on me.  Unfortunately he never introduced himself so I never got his name because I would definitely publish it here.  After another 30 minutes of negotiation he asked for my bottom line, what it would take to have me drive away in the car.  (I do admit it was a very nice car!). I told him the amount per month I was happy with, amount of downpayment on the lease and stated unequivocally that I would not sign more than a 36 month lease.  Away unnamed man goes again and comes back in 5 minutes telling me he had everything I wanted but the price per month and I would have to pay $50 more per month than I wanted to.  I told him to let me think about it.

As it turned out, he was not actually telling the truth.  May I say he was actually lying?  After about 20 kia-logominutes of thought and calculations I was pretty much ready to take the deal.  I was worn out, needed lunch and had enough of car negotiations, that’s when Kyle came back and I told him I thought I would go with it.  Kyle informed me that it was not the 36 month lease I had been adamant I wanted but a 48 month lease.  I argued saying that was not possible as the manager had informed me everything was done except the price.  Guess what?  Kyle was right and the manager had lied to me and wasted more of my time.  As you can imagine I was out of there in a shot and very upset with the lack of customer service and the way I had been treated.

bmw-logo-whiteFast forward to the following week and a trip to Germain BMW.  All I can say is night and day between the two experiences.  Mike hurried out to the lot to meet us.  Showed us some of the cars we could look at that would fall into the price range I had given him.  Offered a test drive which we did.  He then had customers coming in so turned us over to Alex who works with him.  What a wonderful experience we had even though I was buying a car!  Free water, soda, coffee, cookies and snacks were provided and as we were there quite a while we availed ourselves of them!  Comfortable lounge waiting area when the car is being serviced with TV and wifi.  But the main thing was courteous service from everyone at the dealership.  It didn’t look like we could make a deal so we decided to leave and get some lunch, Mike came after us and asked us to give him 5 more minutes.  I asked if he were sure because we had been there so long.  Sure enough in 5 minutes he had the price almost at the amount I wanted and a fair trade on my Lincoln.  Needless to say I am now the proud leasee of a 2016 X3 BMW!

I know that if I had not been given the customer service I was and treated as an important person there bmw-866709__340to do business I would not be driving my wonderful car this week!  It made me realize all over again how important it is to treat all your customers as though they are the only ones that matter because, in actual fact, they are the only ones that matter at that moment in time.  Thanks to Mike and Alex for a good car buying experience.  I will definitely be back to Germain BMW in 3 years for my next car and will never set foot in Fucillo KIA again.  The differences between the two are HUGE!


Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine.  Whether you are buying a car or a house customer service is of supreme importance!

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