How to Gain More Closet Space

stock-photo-black-and-white-wardrobe-closet-full-of-different-things-d-illustration-447714559How to gain more closet space is the bane of my life!  I love to shop and hate to throw away clothes.  Who knows they may come back into style or I may fall in love with them again.  I read an article once that said if you look at the item of clothing and wouldn’t buy it now it should go from your closet.  Even if you have only had it a while and never worn it.  If you won’t buy it now you won’t wear it now!  Here are some great tips to help you organize that clothes closet.  My reward for organizing my closet is that I now have more room and can go and buy more clothes!  And no, my closet does not look like the one pictured here.

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Is your home lacking closet space? You’re not alone. More closets is one of the top concerns for the majority of homeowners. If you’re a homeowner pining for more room to stock your clothes, consider the following tips.

Reduce. This is the first step to making more room in your closet. We’re all guilty of hanging on to things we don’t use. Make a habit of reducing your wardrobe seasonally. Ask yourself if you wore this in the past six months. If the answer is no, donate it to a charity, bring it to a consignment shop, or have yourself a yard sale.

Get creative with storage. Don’t settle for simple shelves. Cubbies, bins and wire racks can offer storage solutions to streamline your space. Adding toys-457809__340rods or racks to the back of your closet door or the sides of your closet can offer extra stash space.

Stagger. There’s no need to have only one or two hanging rods. Stagger your rods at different heights and lengths and arrange garments accordingly.

Look to the ceiling. Does your shelving reach all the way to the ceiling. If not, you could be missing out on several feet of storage space. Add another shelf (or three!) to the top of your closet and store out-of-season clothes or things you don’t reach for on a daily basis.

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine.  Maybe the home you can afford will not have a lot of closet space so remember these tips to help you create more space.


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