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5th_Avenue__Naples(3)Good time to buy or sell?  Fannie Mae tells us that 42%of the people think it is!  Naples, Florida has not had the downtown in sales in the spring like we usually do and sales are going strong. I agree with the 42% – get that house on the market now and wait for the offers to come in!  I listed a house in Golden Gate Estates one week ago and it is now under contract and heading for closing!  Seller is happy and buyer is happy to be getting a new home.

Not great news for sellers who have short saled their home this year.  A bill to extend the mortgage tax forgiveness relief act is being worked on but with the political problems in Washington it may not be passed this year.  Best case scenario is it moves quickly and is passed by June.  Worse case is that nothing moves at all and it isn’t passed until sometime in the new year or never!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for all those people affected.

sun-sentinelThe Sun Sentinel from the east coast of Florida bought me this encouraging story this week.  After reviewing my retirement plans, I will be selling real estate until I am 90 also, but at least I know I will be still be able to do it!  I applaud these two for are working for the joy of the deal and living the good life!



Realtor_logoNAR (National Association of Realtors) is involving consumers in a Call to Action.  This is the first time NAR has taken this step but the discussions that Congress is having at the moment about the possibility of future loss of current deductions for home interest and local and state tax deductions is worrying.  There is no legislation being proposed at the moment as NAR President Steve Brown said, “I believe it is never too early for homeowners to know what the next Congress or a future Congress may consider that will impact their investment and their home.”


Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!


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