What You Need To Know Before Buying A Home (Free Guide)

Tons of tips and ideas for buyers considering a home purchase in our free buyer’s guide. BubblePrices  For many people buying a home is the most important decision they will make in their life.  Why would you jump in without speaking to a professional and gathering all the information you can about the process?  I love to help my buyers feel as comfortable as possible with the process of buying a home.  Is it a roller coaster ride?  Yes it certainly can be but I work very hard to make those highs and lows as painless as possible.  Information and education is the best place to start when you are new to the market.  I have been selling real estate in Naples Florida for many years, but you may be brand new to the area and the home buying experience.  That’s where I come in!

Where Are Prices Headed Over The Next 5 Years?

I think this is my favorite page of the whole booklet.  Isn’t it exciting to see experts predicting the increase in home prices with a cumulative appreciation of 28% by 2018.  We have had a rough time over the last few years in the housing market but it seems that the outlook is extremely optimistic for the coming years.  Even the most conservative experts are still expecting a 16.8% increase in prices by 2018.

Buyers: Window of Opportunity Still Open

I think this has to be my second favorite page.  When prices increase and interest rates go up the cost of homeownership increases sharply.  The home that was in your budget last year is now out of reach and you have to consider a smaller Move-Up-Cost-of-Waiting-2less attractive home.  Well, it appears that although prices are on the rise, interest rates will not rise as quickly.  It is was rumored that the Federal Reserve would be reducing their level of bond purchases and that would cause interest rates to rise, however, to our great delight the Fed did not reduce their bond purchases and interest rates have maintained their level and even dropped slightly!  What great news for buyers anxious to enter the housing market.

You Need A Professional When Buying A Home

Of course I had to mention this page!  It is so true that I, as your Realtor, work extremely hard to help you and guide you through the home buying process.  Do you know how Realtor commission is paid in Naples Florida?  We are paid by the seller of the property even if we are representing you not the seller.  There is no cost involved for you and you will actually probably save a great deal of money because I am a trained negotiator and will make sure you do not overpay for the home you find.

Do you want brand new construction?  There are many new communities underway in the Naples Florida area, you can click the New Development link on the right side of this page to see examples of new construction communities.  It is especially important in new construction that you have Realtor representation.  The agents onsite work for the builder and are there to sell homes for the builder, where is the person looking out for you?  It is my job to make sure that you are not sold on the sizzle of the new home without understanding exactly what you are buying.

Does this booklet sound like it might have useful information for you?  Don’t hesitate another minute.  It is free and easy to download.  Read through the pages I have highlighted and the other important pages and then call me at 239-601-3174 so we can start our search for your new home!

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and peace of mind when buying your home.


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