Everglades Area Tours

By guest contributor Barbara Tinucci

Everglades area tourWe have taken tours with Everglades Area Tours several times, and have never been disappointed. Last March, we took our daughter, and two of our grandsons, then 14 and 15 years old, on the kayaking tour. It was really fun, and we’re not in any way experienced kayakers. There was enough instruction from our guide to make us feel competent, and we saw lots of birds and several of  the beautiful uninhabited 10,000 Islands, even stopping at one to walk around. Fun and informative. A little dolphin even swam near one of our kayaks to take a look at who we were!

Then, last month, Bob and I experienced their 2-hour birding and photography boat trip. What a blast! We are neither birding enthusiasts nor photographers (OK, maybe these photos prove Bob is a great dolphin 3 dolphin 4 dolphinphotographer!). But, the birds we saw were varied and plentiful. We even saw some sort of oyster-eating birds that we have come to find out are very rare, so for you birders, this is the place to see them.We also saw egrets, osprey, herons, brown pelicans, and the huge and beautiful white pelicans.

Our guide was patient and knowledgeable as we expect all the guides are who work for this company. They make the trip really informative and fun. Last but not least, at the end of our tour, as we were about to head back to port, we were followed by about 3 or 4 dolphins. They followed us for about 10 or 15 minutes, and played and jumped in the wake of our boat – this was really an awesome experience, whether you are 6 or 60, you’ll feel like a happy kid just enjoying the dolphins enjoying themselves, happily playful. The weather was also extraordinarily beautiful that day, which the guide can’t take credit for, we guess, but who dolphin 2knows?

Come to Naples and find your winter getaway home, whether you are buying or renting, and enjoy all the fun and excitement that our Naples area as to offer!

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and dolphins!

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