The Counter – New Restaurant In The Mercato

The MercatoEveryone loves the great American burger and fries!  But what about a healthy alternative on the old favorite?  Step into The Counter – Custom Built Burgers in the Mercato and you are sure to find something that will appeal to you in their 312,120+ different burger combinations (as touted on their website).  Their claim to fame is that rarely is the same burger made twice in one day and they have burgers as unique as their customers.

Your Choice Of The American Classic Burger

When you enter the restaurant you are handed a clipboard with an extensive list of ingredients that allow you to the counter 2build your own burger.  Click here to view the impressive array of choices.  Choose your own type of meat from Beef to Vegan Veggie, then your cheese from Herb Goat Cheese Spread to Tilamook Cheddar, then on to veggies, toppings and finally your bun.  Gluten free buns are available for an extra charge.

Signature Burgers

If all that choosing is just too much work for you, they offer their signature burgers which are already designed for you.  From the Old School beef, cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle, tomato and relish to Taco Turkey with turkey, jalapeno jack cheese, dried the countercranberries, lettuce. scallions and spicy sour cream.

Choose Your Sides

Fried dill pickle chips for starters anyone?  Choose sweet potato fries or regular fries with your burger.  We had the regular fries and they were delicious.  Can’t waste the calories on anything but fabulous fries!  There are sandwiches and grilled vegetables available for the very health conscious.  Desserts are also on the menu in case that huge burger didn’t fill you up completely!  Kids under 8 can also choose from a kids menu with the usual offerings of grilled cheese, pb & j, or mini burgers.

Full Bar

As everyone knows, no restaurant review on my blog would be complete without a mention of the libations available.  Unlike most burger joints, The Counter offers a full bar in addition to many choices of beer and wine.  We sat outside at the bar area the night we were there and I can attest that the bartenders work quickly and very efficiently.  Extremely friendly also!  They make some pretty exotic drinks with ice cream and alcohol that looked too wicked to partake of!

As most of you know, our office is located at The Mercato and The Counter is a very nice addition to our dining choices.  I love the outside seating right near the main section of the outdoor mall.  It was a chilly night when we visited but the many propane heaters kept us “toasty in Naples” for our whole dining experience!

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a healthy burger!


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