Consumer Confidence in Economy & Housing is Soaring

confidence in economyHow do you feel about the current economy?  Do you agree with the pundits below who are stating that Americans are strong on the economy and the growth of the housing market?  I feel we will always have a somewhat secure market going forward here in southwest Florida; as Americans age they certainly don’t want to spend their winters in the snow and ice so we will have a growing market of “babyboomers” anxious to warm their toes on our beautiful beaches.  Let’s hope these pundits are right and our economy and housing market continues to grow over this year and into 2018.  It can only mean good things for you and me as our homes appreciate!

Courtesy of Keeping Current Matters March 2017

The success of the housing market is strongly tied to the consumer’s confidence in the overall economy. For that reason, we believe 2017 will be a great year for real estate. Here is just a touch of the news coverage on the subject.


“Consumers’ faith in the housing market is stronger than it’s ever been before, according to a newly released survey from Fannie Mae.”


“Americans’ confidence continued to mount last week as the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index reached the highest point in a decade on more-upbeat assessments about the economy and buying climate.”

Yahoo Finance:

“Confidence continues to rise among America’s consumers…the latest consumer sentiment numbers from the University of Michigan showed that in March confidence rose again.”


“U.S. consumers are the most confident in the U.S. economy in 15 years, buoyed by the strongest job market since before the Great Recession. The survey of consumer confidence rose…according to the Conference Board, the private company that publishes the index. That’s the highest level since July 2001.”

Ivy Zelman, in her recent Z Report, probably best capsulized the reports:

“The results were incredibly strong and…offer one of the most positive consumer takes on housing since the recovery started.”

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a hedge against inflation in a home of your own.

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