Buying a Home is 35% Less Expensive than Renting!

Buy-or-Rent-2-Houses-KCMIn the latest Rent vs. Buy Report from Trulia, they explained that homeownership remains cheaper than renting with a traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage throughout the 100 largest metro areas in the United States.

The updated numbers actually show that the range is from an average of 16% in Honolulu (HI), all the way to 55% in Sarasota (FL), and 35% Nationwide!

The other interesting findings in the report include:

  • Interest rates have remained low and even though home prices have appreciated around the country (3.9%), they haven’t greatly outpaced rental appreciation (3.7%). “In the past year, these two trends have made homeownership even more affordable compared with renting.”
  • Some markets might tip in favor of renting if home prices increase at a greater rate than rents and if – as most economists expect – mortgage rates rise, due to the strengthening economy.
  • Nationally, rates would have to rise to 10.6% for renting to be cheaper than buying – and rates haven’t been that high since 1989. 

Bottom Line

Buying a home makes sense socially and financially. Rents are predicted to increase substantially in themortgage $ sign next year, so lock in your housing cost with a mortgage payment now.

Reprinted courtesy of Keeping Current Matters

I have many annual residents currently renting property in the Naples area and rents have been rising dramatically each year.  Two years ago I rented a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo for $1100 per month, that same condo is now renting for $1300 a month.  These increases are very difficult for our service people to afford.  With USDA 100% mortgages available in Collier County you can save money by buying.  Call or email me and let’s discuss your options and get you out of paying someone else’s mortgage and in to paying for your own investment!

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve you piece of Naples sunshine and a home of your own with a mortgage payment that will not increase!

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