What Are Buyers Looking For In A Home?


1. Price – It is obvious why this is one of the top qualities people look for in a home. With a failing job market and depleting retirement funds due to the recent recession, an affordable home is more important now than ever.

2. Neighborhood – Communities in Southwest Florida are as unique as the people that live in them. With over 1,000 to choose from, Naples is sure to have one that will suit your lifestyle!

3. Convenience – With the rising cost of gas, buying a home close to work, shopping, or wherever else you frequent is an absolute must for most families!


4. Mortgage – In today’s tight credit environment, getting a mortgage can be a challenge. Buyers should be willing to consider homes below what they may quality for in order to bump up the loan to value ratio.

5. Longevity – Most buyers say that they intend to stay in their home for at least 15 years, so buying a home that will meet their needs throughout that time period is key.

6. Schools – As Whitney once said, “The children are our future” and their education is imperative. Take a look at our Collier County schools information to help you get an idea of what area would best suit your family.

7. Technology – It is said that today’s generation values a home’s curb appeal less than technological amenities. Some homes can be run entirely from a cell phone!

DSC_00648. High ceilings – Taller ceilings not only allow better air circulation and natural light to a room, but they make every space appear larger. The photograph to the right was taken in one of our beautiful rentals in Madison Park. The grand ceilings really set it apart from other Naples rentals.

9. Open floor plans – If entertaining friends and family is something you enjoy, the floor plan of your home should accommodate that.

10. Energy efficiency – Besides being better for the environment, having an energy efficient home will save lots of money on your electric bill! You can do this by upgrading to energy-star rated appliances, windows, and ceiling fans throughout your home.

New buyers need look no further than Naples Florida to satisfy their criteria in these 10 points.  We have everything you need to settle down and start a family, or retire and enjoy your golden years in a beautiful home in paradise.  Call me today at 239-601-3174 and let’s get started on your Naples Florida home buying adventure!

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!


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