Bill’s Steak and Seafood

billsI have been visiting Bills Steak and Seafood for a while now.  Started to go during season when it was packed and have gone back a couple of times since everything quieted down.  I was tempted to write a review before but every time I decided to write the review I had a bad meal!  Sometimes the food and service are excellent and sometimes not up to standard.  I find this interesting for a large restaurant that obviously relies on the local crowd to keep them going through the hot summer months.  I would have thought that the food would always be excellent to keep the locals coming back.  I think the main attraction of this restaurant, at least it is for me, is the entertainment.  No it is not excellent entertainment and sometimes the groups can’t really sing but everyone is there for a darn good time and there are smiles on everyone on the dance floor and those watching.

During season it was packed and the dance floor was always crowded.  The older set like doing their ballroom dances they have done for years as a married couple.  There are always couples from the local dance studios trying out their moves and trying to look like Dancing With The Stars!  There are children who just get up and move with the beat they hear in their own head.  Then there is my generation who never learned to ballroom dance but love to dance especially to music from our childhood and teenage years.  That to me is the best part of Bill’s Steak and Steakfood.  Even if you don’t like to dance yourself, you can’t help but smile watching all the people on the dance floor enjoy every moment of their evening.

I was there a couple of Friday’s ago with my sister and we danced every dance of course!  Met a lady who was celebrating her 70th birthday and she kept up with us through every dance.

Oh the food?  Yes that night it was good!  I have had the salmon before and enjoyed it.  My sister had the Bills 2Dover Sole stuffed with their own homemade stuffing which she said was very tasty.  The prime rib and steak can always be counted on to be a crowd favorite.  Had the lamb chops once and wouldn’t recommend those as a choice.  Their fish is apparently flown in daily from New England and they do offer a New England flair to all their dishes.  For $90 for two you can enjoy 2 bowls of clam chowder, 2 salads, delicious homemade bread, two huge steaks and two huge lobster tails!  I wouldn’t make it much past the soup and salad so I have never ordered that dish!

If you are looking to be entertained but don’t expect amazing talent, love to dance, enjoy food at reasonable prices then I would suggest you give Bill’s a try!  I enjoy going there and always leave with a smile on my face!  The restaurant is located on the East Trail at the corner of Lakewood Blvd and US 41.

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a fun evening of dancing and entertainment.

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