Barbatella 3rd St Naples – Exciting New Restaurant To Visit

We recently decided to spend a night out with friends and try a new restaurant.  It is always fun going to old favorites but sometimes you just need to think outside the box!  We liked the idea of dining downtown so 2014-05-02 17.00.04decided to try Barbatella Spirited Italian Trattorio.  We were originally planning a happy hour drink with friends and maybe some appetizers but the ambiance and friendliness of the staff convinced us to stay and enjoy dinner!

A barbatella is a shoot that the leaves and branches of a grape vine develop from and their website assures you that they will grow on you in the same way!  That could be true as we 2014-05-02 18.01.19 2014-05-02 16.59.56 2014-05-02 16.59.38have already decided to return in July when my sister visits.  They have a wonderful courtyard right on 3rd Street where you can enjoy your meal and people watch at the same time.  The bar area seats 20 and features 100 wines by the glass.  We enjoyed the happy hour 50% off special and then got the best table in the house right out front by the sidewalk.

There are many choices on the Mediterranean inspired menu.  I choose the fish special which was salmon over a bed of greens with walnuts.  I like my fish cooked very rare and they were able to accommodate my preference which is very unusual.  Most restaurants overcook my fish.  There are also many gluten free choices and they do have gluten free pasta as well which they can substitute on any dish.  The caprese salad that we ordered as an entree was very fresh and we were very glad that we had shared as the split portion was very large. 2014-05-02 18.12.14 All of the meals were delicious and the service excellent.

I certainly plan to return to this wonderful Italian restaurant and try some of the other wonderful dishes.  Another great addition to the restaurant choices in Naples!

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and delicious food.

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