Weekend Reading For You! Development, Safety And Football Oh My!

RulesWow can you believe this condo association and how they are treating this owner?  Be very careful that you receive the condo rules and regulations and documents when you buy a condo in Florida.  You have 3 days after the acceptance of the offer to review those documents and make sure there are no rules you can’t live with.  Hard to check for someone who is going to treat you badly though!


cleaningDid you think spring cleaning was just for your house>  Consider spring cleaning your business and getting more organized for the summer.  Isn’t it something we try to do all the time?  Well some tips on streamlining and time management might just make the difference for you this summer!


goodletteand41It’s finally here!  After all these years of waiting they are going to develop that great big ugly piece of land at the corner of Goodlette and US 41!  it’s about time this eyesore was made into something better than an overflow parking lot for Taste of Collier!  Going to be very exciting to see it developed.



necklaceWant to go on that date and don’t feel safe?  Or are you a sales rep who has to meet people in secluded locations?  Check out this safety device that looks like a necklace.  Sounds like a good investment for $120 that may save your life or at least stop a very harmful situation.


Photo courtesy of JWT Singapore

buffalo_bills_helmet_rightfaceAnd you thought southwest Florida was just sunshine and beaches!  We also have excellent football players!  Congratulations to Sammy Watkins on his draft to the Buffalo Bills!

Hope you enjoy this varied weekend reading!

Remember it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and news stories!

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