8 Tips For Unplugging On Vacation

DSC_0181You have your iPhone, your BlackBerry or your Android. You have your laptop or netbook with WiFi. It’s hard enough to unplug for the weekend, let alone an entire vacation, but for your own sanity and even that of your coworkers, you need to. There’s no reason to take a vacation only to spend it working. The beach might be great, but think about how much better it would be if your phone was left in your hotel room.
Vacations are meant to help employees recharge so they can return to work re-energized and refocused. But if you’re constantly checking in with the office, you won’t get a real break.

To help you unplug and look forward to your vacation, here are eight tips:

1. Plan ahead. Coordinate your vacation time with your co-workers, team and other executive staff to ensure that things run smoothly while you’re out.
2. Designate your main point of contact and give them a detailed account of all your projects and work commitments along with your emergency contact information.
3. Try to leave the majority of your work-related hardware at home.
4. Inform your key accounts, vendors and clients when and how long you’ll be out of the office.
5. If you have a lot of projects that will need attention while you’re out, consider distributing your projects among your co-workers or team.
6. If you can’t resist the temptation to check in, try to set up specific times or days you will be checking messages.
7. Leave your mobile devices in your room so you can concentrate on family and friends and not be tempted to check in during the day.
8. If you receive urgent voicemails or emails while you’re out, ask your main point of contact to troubleshoot the issue.

Remember, your health is important and taking a vacation may be all the help you need.

Source: CareerCast.com

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