7 Tips To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

identity theftAccording to TransUnion nineteen people each minute become victims of identity theft.  It can take months to undo the damage done to your identity and credit.  Don’t become a wily thief’s next victim – follow these steps to protect your identity.

Guard Your Privacy

Don’t share personal information (address, phone numbers, Social Security number, date of birth or birth place) on social networks.  And don’t fall prey to scams that ask for personal information over email.

Install Security Features

If you keep personal or financial documents on your computer, install a firewall, use anti-virus and anti-spyware software, use a secure wireless network and make sure your browser is always up to date.

Keep Your Personal And Financial Information Secure

Whether you keep it in a filing cabinet or online in the cloud, make sure you secure it with a key or strong password.

Always Use Strong Passwords Online

and change them periodically.

Shred What You Don’t Need

Destroy documents, bills, receipts and junk mail that you don’t need, especially if it contains your personal information.

Check Your Mail

Never leave mail in your mailbox for a long period of time.  If you’re going on vacation, request a hold from the post office to stop mail delivery until your return.

Keep An Eye Out For Unauthorized Activity

in your bank and credit card accounts.  Online banking makes it easy to check your activity as often as you wish.  Also, be sure to check the information on your credit report to make sure it is correct.

Hopefully these seven tips will help you avoid the disruption and anxiety identity theft can cause.  Always be alert to someone asking for information by phone or email that is very personal and protect your identity!

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