5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Make Your Life Easier

Streamline your life with the help of social media! Pinterest is a popular, image-based social media site that allows you to create boards dedicated to your interests and hobbies! It can also be used to plan meals, workouts, home renovations, special events, and much more. Our company uses Pinterest to talk about home decor, DIY projects, organization ideas, and travel tips! It is an amazing tool for both businesses and individuals. Here are five ways to use Pinterest to make your life easier.

1. Plan events.

Whether you’re planning your wedding, your child’s birthday party, or a summer barbecue, Pinterest offers a wealth of ideas to help you host a party that your guests are sure to remember. Create a board for your event and pin games to play, food to serve, festive themes, and much more.Pinterest-logo

2. Plan your family’s meals for the week.

Pinterest is a great place to find new recipes as well as new twists on old favorites. Nurture healthy eating by creating a Pinterest board of your meals for the week. Fill it with healthy alternatives to your family’s favorites, as well as snacks, smoothies, salads, etc.

DIY3. Get design inspiration for a home renovation.

In addition to scouring design magazines for design tips and inspiration, head over to Pinterest to find ideas to remodel your kitchen, turn your basement into a man cave, or give your home decor a modern twist. Additionally, Houzz features tons of Ideabooks full of inspiration. Create your own Ideabook and save design photos or bookmark articles to reference at a later date.

4. Find workout tips and inspiration.workout

If you’re looking for a new fitness routine, health tips, or just need a bit of motivation to work out, head to the Pins. Pinterest has divide its health and fitness section into several subcategories including yoga, men’s fitness, and running that is geared toward the interest of pinners. Plan your workouts for the week and find new mantras to get you moving.

5. Look for a DIY project.

Pinterest is the DIY-lover’s dream. Want to refurbish a dresser or cabinet you found at a yard sale, or have the urge to create a chair from a shipping pallet? See how other pinners have painted and improved similar furniture. Additionally, Houzz features articles that include tips to guide you through a DIY project.

Pinterest tip:

See a recipe, an inspirational quote, or a design idea that you want to pin to your Pinterest boards? ┬áSelect the red “Pin It” button on the page or add the Pin It plugin to your Internet browser.

Top 5 Categories for Pins:

1. Food & Drink

2. DIY & Crafts

3. Home Decor

4. Holidays & Events

5. Hair & Beauty

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