5 Tips To Update Your Kitchen

anikitchenKitchen looking old and dated but the budget doesn’t stretch to a whole renovation?  There are low cost improvements you can make that will revive your old kitchen and give it a new look and still stay within your budget.  Check out these tips for updating your kitchen.

1.  Color Splash

With a new coat of paint and some other accents, you might not even recognize your old kitchen.  Make over dark wood or white cabinets with a cool color, such as sage green, or create a visual impact with a bold splash of color on a focal point such as your island.

2.  Tile Backsplash

If you can find tile remants at the Do-It-Yourself stores you can create a backsplash without a huge investment.  Most tile companies will charge a few hundred dollars to install the bargain tile you have found.  Backsplashs can really help to update and modernize your kitchen along with creating an easier cleaning surface.

3.  New Hardware And Pictures

Consider replacing the old worn hardware on your cupboards with something new and funky that will reflect a new relaxed you.  Find new pictures that also create a relaxed atmosphere and use them to enhance your theme.

4.  Add Lighting

Track lighting can be an expensive choice but look for pendant lights to go over the island or breakfast bar.  Maybe tie the color into the theme you have created with the hardware and new pictures.  What about some rope lighting underneath the cabinets or on to top on the plant shelf to add subdued but classy lighting.

5.  More Storage

Try hanging your pots overhead but be careful to position them so you aren’t constantly hitting your head.  Check out the hardware stores for pull out storage kits or organizers to tidy your messy shelves.  Tupperware has some great storage ideas that will create more space for you.

Still Not Happy With That Kitchen?

Decided that even with these ideas you need a completely new kitchen?  In today’s market it is often more cost efficient to move up to a house that already has a kitchen you love instead of trying to update your current home.  Call me at 239-601-3174 to discuss the options of listing your home and moving up to the home of your dreams.  Now is the time to do it before prices go up.

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!

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