5 Tips To Improve Your Family’s Time Management

grandparentsMany of use want to spend more quality time with our families, but are bogged down by chores and other must do tasks.  Below are a few tips to help you and your family get organized so that you are able to spend more quality time together.

If your family is like most, your mornings may be a chaotic flurry of everyone getting ready, while your evenings are filled with extracurricular activities, meetings, workouts and whatever else comes up.  Although many families wish they had more time together, busy schedules often don’t allow this to happen.  Here are five helpful time management tips designed to streamline your schedule and make the most of the family time during the week.

  1. Eliminate the chaos.  How much of your morning involves looking for your keys, your child’s homework, or bills you need to send?  Streamline your morning process with better organizational tools.  Buy a pretty bowl to put your keys in and a letter sorter to place outgoing and important mail.  Ease the stress of the morning rush with baskets placed near the entryway for your family to drop shoes and backpacks and use hooks to hang jackets.
  2. Take the stress out of dinnertime.  On Sundays, plan your dinner menu for the week or make the meals ahead of time and freeze them.  Download quick, easy and yummy recipes on websites such as delish.com and epicurious.com.
  3. Get the kids dressed with ease.  Do you spend your mornings wondering what to wear (or wondering if it’s clean!)?  For many families, dressing children and themselves within a short period of time is a challenge.  Save time and stress by planning your outfits and your children’s outfits for the week, or narrow each day down to two options.
  4. Break up household chores.  Instead of spending the weekend cleaning the whole house, plan to clean one room or area of the house each day.  It’ll make cleaning less of a drag and free up your weekends to do fun activities.
  5. Tackle the not so fun tasks first.  Encourage your children to finish their homework when they get home from school.  Similarly, tie up loose ends from your day and tackle any chores when you get home.  That way, you have the rest of the evening to relax together.

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine and a chance to relax and enjoy your family!


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