5 Tips For Sellers To Shorten The Selling Process

Farm_House_For_Sale_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_081214-161639-983042You are considering listing your house for sale.  What are the things you should think about and how should you handle the selling process?  Here are five tips to shorten the process and make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Find The Right Realtor For You

The selling process is a marriage between you and your Realtor so make sure the person has the right personality to mesh with yours.  Because you have been told they are #1 in the area does not mean they are the right one for you.  Find out what their marketing process is and how much internet advertising they do.  Almost all the buyers now start with an internet search.  Make sure your home will be showcased for these buyers and they will call on your listing first.

Use Your Realtor’s Experience

Ask questions during the listing process.  Getting education now will save time and energy during the sales process.

  1. What does your Realtor recommend you do to make your home sell more quickly?  
  2. Are there some minor cosmetic improvements you can do that will make a great deal of difference to a buyers first impression?  
  3. Does your Realtor know some dependable contractors who can help you get the spruce up work done quickly?  
  4. What personal items do you need to pack away?
  5. How long do properties usually stay on the market in your area?
  6. What should you expect during the negotiations?
  7. How do inspections work and what are you expected to repair?

Give Incentives To Make Your Home More Attractive

Can you offer a home warranty to the buyer so they don’t have to worry about repairs for the first year?  For many buyers this is a very attractive proposal.  Are there some items of furniture you can leave that will help the buyer choose your home over the neighbors?  Make sure these incentives are prominently displayed in the marketing.

Go Out When Your Home Is Being Shown

Do not stay home when a showing is scheduled expecting to tell the potential buyer about the wonderful things your home offers.  You are selling your home, they are buying a house and the things you love may be the things the buyer dislikes the most.  Let the buyer’s agent show the home and if there are questions they cannot answer, they will contact your Realtor for the answers.  Let the buyers imagine themselves living in your home without distractions.

Expect To Negotiate The Sales Contract

The price you list your home at is the starting point for the buyer to consider when placing an offer.  You want the highest price possible and the buyer wants to pay the lowest price possible.  Before receiving an offer consider how low you will be willing to go to sell the house quickly.  You are the one who must decide what price to accept but use your Realtor’s expertise and knowledge to guide you in your decision.

Need An Excellent Realtor Who Understands The Naples Market?

Call me at 239-601-3174 or contact me so that I can help you start the sales process.  You can ask for a home valuation and I will email you information on the current market values and conditions.  I have helped many people sell their home quickly.  Recently I listed a condo and sold it in 4 days!

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!



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