4 Things New Generation Home Buyers Are Looking For

children_clipartBetter Homes and Gardens recently released their findings on a survey of 18 to 35 year old Americans and what they are looking for in a home.

1.  Fixer-Upper

30% of those surveyed would prefer a home where there were items for them to fix up and change.  47% of them would prefer to do the work themselves and not rely on professionals.

2.  An “Essential” Home

It’s not about the biggest and the best any more for the new generation, they want a unique home that reflects them rather than a typical home.  20% feel that the dining room of old should now be called the home office as they don’t need a formal dining room.  43% think that the living room should be a home theater room.

3.  Smart Homes

56% believe home technology capabilities are more important than how the house looks.  A home must be updated with the latest technology capabilities or 64% would not consider living there.  They are looking for energy efficient washers and dryers, security systems and smart thermostats.

4.  Their Home Must Reflect Their Personality

The Millennials have a different perspective on furnishing their home.  59% want extra space in their kitchen for a TV and they want entertainment possibilities in every room in the house.  Home automation systems are also a very important up date for them.

Each generation has their own way of viewing real estate and in the Naples Florida area we have homes for each different age group and lifestyle.  If excellent schools are important to you check out our school rating and pick your new home based on that criteria.

Contact me or start your new home search to find the new home that suits your generation and your specific needs.

Remember, it is always Toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples Florida sunshine.


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