4 Important Tips To Sell Your House Quickly

house-sale121009What does it take to sell your house quickly in the current market in Naples Florida?  Your number one concern is to get your property sold and move on to the next phase of your life.  Here are some important tips to help you make that happen quickly.

Allow Access

You have to realize that you will have to allow almost unlimited access to buyers interested in viewing your home.  Many owner occupied properties insist on 24 hours notice for viewing.  What if the perfect buyer is in town only for today and sees your home on the internet and wants to see it?  Their agent will read the showing instructions as 24 hours notice and tell their buyer they can’t view that home.  You have lost a potential buyer who will move onto another home that is easier to see.  Place as few restrictions as possible on the showing instructions for your home.  If you have a pet then make arrangements for the pet to taken care of if there is a buyer anxious to see your home with short notice.  I use a service called Showing Time who answer the phone for agents making appointments for more than 12 hours a day 7 days per week and will contact you immediately for permission to show.

Condition and Decluttering

Condition of your home is very important in the selling process.  As I have discussed in previous articles curb appeal is the first impression for the buyer driving up to your home.  The condition of the interior is just as important.  Remove all the clutter and most of your personal items.  Pictures of your family are treasures to you but they distract the buyer from looking at the important differences your home offers.  Maybe a fresh coat of paint will liven up a room that is looking small and dark.

Mortgage Options

Obviously it is very difficult for you to offer financing to a potential new buyer, but try not to limit the type of buyer who can consider a purchase of your home.  Yes FHA and VA financing takes longer than conventional financing and is sometimes difficult to obtain, however, if you exclude the possibility of this type of financing you are turning away many potential first time buyers who have the ability to make the monthly payments but haven’t saved a large downpayment.  Perhaps you could offer some seller concessions to help with the money needed to close.  The easier you make the financing options for your home the more buyers will be interested in scheduling an appointment.


The listing price of your home is a very important piece of the marketing.  Not only do you have to attract a buyer who has spent hours on the internet looking at home prices and recently sold homes, you also have to make sure that when the appraisal is done for the mortgage your house qualifies for what the buyer is prepared to pay.  You are actually selling your home twice during this process and convincing both the buyer and the bank that your home is worth the money.  A house listed above market value takes longer to sell and usually sells for less than market value in the end because it has been listed for so long.

If you would like help with preparing your home for sale, please call me at 239-601-3174.  I have lots of ideas to make your home more marketable and sell more quickly.  If you can’t afford a professional stager there are many things we can work on together to get your home sold.  You can also request a valuation and I will prepare a market analysis for you free of charge.

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine!



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