4 Important Buyer Tips For Sellers

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image2268977In the real estate industry today we try to keep the buyers and sellers apart so there are no personalities involved in the transaction and the process can evolve smoothly.  But what if the buyer could tell the seller all the things they have done wrong when presenting their property for sale?  Wouldn’t that be helpful for the seller?  Well I have compiled a list of things that buyers have told me as I was showing them property.

1.  Never Stay In Your Home While It Is Being Shown

In the Naples market the properties we show are often vacant and the buyer can relax and take their time looking through.  They can get a feel of what the house would be like to live in and look in all the cabinets and closets.  They can go back to areas of the home they liked or missed on the first tour.  When the seller stays in the home the buyer gets very uncomfortable.  First of all it is unusual so you are competing with vacant homes where the buyer can relax and concentrate on the features.  The buyer doesn’t want to hear your stories about how everything works or when it was purchased.  You might say something that the buyer is definitely not interested in and turn them off the home.  Go out and let the Realtor handle the showing!

2.  Don’t Overprice Your Home Expecting The Buyer To Make An Offer

It is not the buyer’s job to find the true market value of your home and make you an offer based on a realistic figure.  If your home is overpriced the buyer will probably not even bother to look at it.  There are many other homes in the area that are priced correctly and the buyer knows that fighting with a seller and negotiating price is very time consuming and stressful.  Why bother when there are so many other homes to look at?

3.  Declutter And Depersonalize

Today’s buyer doesn’t want to look at all the pictures of your family and grandchildren posted on the refrigerator.  They don’t want to know what sporting events you won or the celebrity you had your picture taken with.  They want to imagine themselves in the home with their possessions and treasures.  Take down personal items and pack them.  You are moving anyway so might as well get a start!

4.  Check Out What Your Home Looks Like Online

Hopefully before you listed your home you interviewed agents and found one who is very familiar with online marketing and the necessity for good pictures and exposure to many websites.  If the pictures posted online are blurry or, worse still there are no pictures or only one or two, the buyer is going to move onto the listing with many pictures and a link to a visual tour.  The buyer can sit at home and tour your home and put in an offer without even seeing it in person if your Realtor is doing a good job at online marketing.  Remember, almost all buyers start their search for a new home online and you want your home to be showcased so they pick yours first.

Think about these items when you are planning to list your home, then call me at 239-601-3174 so I can show you the extensive online marketing we do for all our listings.  My husband Mike is a professional photographer and will take amazing pictures of your home.  We had one seller that viewed his visual tour and wondered why he was selling the home looked so good!

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine.



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