27 Mile Mountain Bike Ride In Everglades City

canstock1397148I wrote last week about the road bike ride in Everglades City but, if you are a mountain bike lover, there is also a good ride for you.  This ride was also part of the River of Grass Greenway Ride in April this year but you can do it at any time of the year.  Make sure to take plenty of water if you plan to ride in the summer months because the hot and humid weather will make you dehydrated very quickly. Click here for map of the route.

27 Mile Mountain Bike Ride

  • From Everglades City cycle paved roads for 7 miles to Fakahatchee through Copeland
  • Turn onto Janes Scenic Dr into Fakahatchee swamp on a narrow dirt and gravel road
  • Turn around after riding 6 miles and return to Everglades City on same route

For A Longer Ride

  • At turn around continue on East Main Tram to Cabin (adds 4 miles)
  • Ride northern half of Janes Scenic Dr (adds 10 miles)
  • After return to Everglades City ride the paved road to Chokoloskee Island and back (adds 8 miles)

Whatever distance you like to ride or what kind of bike you like to ride doesn’t matter.  Enjoy the drive to Everglades City, get some exercise and explore the Everglades and then enjoy delicious refreshments in Everglades City.

If you have any questions about other bike trails available in the Naples Florida area, please call me at 239-601-3174.  There are many organized rides per week that you can participate in and many roads with bike lanes if you prefer to ride alone.

Naples Florida is perfect for any kind of biking!

Remember, it is always toasty in Naples and you deserve your piece of Naples sunshine.

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